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Even when regularly vacuumed, carpets start to look tired over time, whether they’re in your home or business property. Add to this stains and the regular dirt that are inevitable, and there are times that only a professional steam clean will really do. The good news is that a professional carpet steam clean, including services like chemdry carpet cleaning, or oxi fresh carpet cleaning, can really lift your entire home, office, or commercial property, and make the place feel fresh again. It is also an excellent way to make sure that your carpet remains vibrant and pleasant to walk on for as long as possible. Get in touch today with the skilled team here at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service to arrange your carpet cleaning services.

When Should I Have My Home Carpet Cleaned Professionally?

Carpet cleaning extends the life of a carpet, and so is a sound investment even if you’ve got a relatively new carpet, and don’t see any specific stains or marks. At the very least, having the carpets in your home professionally steam cleaned once a year will help to make sure they last for as long as possible. If you have kids or pets, the chances are that you’ll need to have your carpets at home cleaned more frequently. Whilst they’re a joy to have around the home, children do tend to forget to take off their shoes, spill their drinks and so on, which can be very hard on a carpet. Pet hair, and muddy footprints are another common reason to have your carpet steam cleaned on a frequent basis - every 6 or 9 months in most cases. Don't forget about area rug cleaning!

How Often Should I Have My Commercial Building’s Carpets Cleaned?

This is a tricky question, and one we are happy to advise on when we start to work together. Naturally, carpets need to be cleaned more frequently if they are in high traffic areas - so a clothes store which welcomes many customers through the doors every day, might need very regular cleaning to keep the carpets looking good quality. An office in which a small team work could be left for longer. We would recommend having every carpet cleaned at least annually, simply to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. In busy areas, you will need to have cleaning performed much more frequently to maintain a great look for your business. Give Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service a call if you need help!

Can Steam Cleaning Remove The Stains On My Carpet?

When we prepare a quote for treating your carpet we will discuss any stains or marks you know are there. We may need to visit your property to have a look at marks if you’re not sure what exactly caused them - this will help us assess whether or not we can successfully treat the stain. We will assess first the type of stain - whether it is something water soluble, chemical soluble, or insoluble, for example. We can then decide the best way to treat the stain - which might involve spot treatment with a specialist cleaning product alongside the steam treatment for your home.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service is proud to offer a personal touch with all of our customers. That means that our Carpet Cleaning service is tailored to you - and your home or business. We will discuss your needs, including the type of carpet, and where it is, as well as anything that might need special attention such as stains or worn patches. A member of our team may need to visit the property before we create an estimate for the work, just to make sure that we know the type of treatment that will be best suited to your particular carpet. Once you have agreed to the services and price we suggest, we can arrange an appointment at your convenience to come to your home and treat your carpets. To learn more about the skilled work we do, or to get details on commercial carpet cleaning prices, get in touch today.


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