Area Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning at Rancho Cordova

A great area rug - whether that’s a well selected memento from your travels, a pop of color for a neutral room, or a tough but attractive hard wearing piece for high traffic areas - can be a perfect finishing touch to any room. However, over time rugs can get dirty, particularly where they are placed in busy areas of the home. Like your carpets and upholstery they also attract dust and other particles from the air, which need to be removed from time to time. No matter how much you vacuum, every now and again it’s a good idea to have a professional treat your rugs, to bring them back to life.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning - The Benefits

There are plenty of reasons to have your rugs professionally cleaned. Rugs are typically in high traffic areas of the home and therefore get dirty quickly. No matter how much you vacuum, you will struggle to get the dust and dirt out of the fibers of a rug, particularly if it is a thick pile. Over time these particles of dust, other allergens, mud and dirt can build up, and cause the colors of your rug to look dull and faded. They can also mean that the indoor air quality in your home is affected. A professional deep clean of your rug by Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service will sort out all of these issues, and have your rug looking fresh and clean again in no time.

Area Rug Cleaning Process

The process we use will depend on the type of rug you have, the size, where it is in your home, and your personal preference. We can clean the rug in some cases at your property, but if that is not convenient we might take it away to clean and dry it, and then return it after the treatment. Our trained and experienced technicians will first have to identify the type of material used in the rug, and also the condition, to decide which treatment will work best. We will discuss the options with you when creating a no obligation quote, and we will always tell you if it looks like stubborn stains might not respond well to treatment.

Area Rug Cleaning Products

There are many different types of material used in area rugs. Some are extremely sensitive and need very careful treatment, while others are built to withstand the rigors of family life. In either case, there is a product which is designed to clean and carefully restore your rug - and we have trained professionals here at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service, who are skilled at producing a fine result without risking damage to your precious area rug. All of the products we use - in our area rug cleaning as well as elsewhere in your home - are fully tested and safe for use around the family, including children and pets. Also, do you know the specifics of pet stain and odor removal?

Our Service To You

Skilled customer service is our priority. That’s why people have told us that Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service are among the best in the business, if you need great value carpet or area rug cleaning here in Rancho Cordova, CA. We will work with you to make sure that we offer a service that suits your needs and your budget. If your rug is in a busy area, or if you have kids and pets at home which might not be able to resist walking on a freshly cleaned rug, it might not be convenient to treat it in your home. In this case, we may be able to treat your rug at our own facility and return it to you later. You’ll be left with a clean and fresh rug, which is as bright and soft as the day you bought it.


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