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With years of experience between us, the team here at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning are experts in professional carpet steam cleaning - and a whole range of other connected services. If you need residential carpet or rug cleaning, commercial services such as carpet steam cleaning or tile and grout cleaning, we should be your number one choice.

For a carpet cleaning service service which is both dependable and great value in Rancho Cordova, CA or beyond, give us a call today.


We know that if you need a carpet cleaner, you’ll be looking for a professional that is skilled, dependable, and of course, of great value. Our whole team here at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service has a focus on delivering the best possible quality service, tailored to every customer, and at a great price. If you need carpet cleaning service in Rancho Cordova, CA, you found it!

Our Services

Every time we pick up a cleaning product, or turn on a hose, the reason for it is clear, and that’s to bring the best possible detailing solution for your vehicles needs. We aim to be the company that changes the landscape of Langley’s roads one car at a time by providing high quality work, and attention to detail to beautify our vehicles, and in turn to add more to an already beautiful city. For more information on any of our services, feel free to read below, it’s corresponding details page, or to call into our offices at your convenience.

Carpet Cleaning with Machine

Carpet Cleaning

If you have a busy home, with children, pets and frequent visitors, you’ll probably find that you need to have your carpet cleaned every 6 to 9 months. Similarly, if you’re a business owner you’ll want to keep your work environment pleasant and clean for your staff and customers alike. Professional cleaning restores your carpet after stains and heavy use, and is a great way to protect your carpets and make sure they last as long as possible. We are always happy to tailor our service to provide what you need - when you need it. Give our team at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service a call today to learn more about our cheap carpet cleaning service.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are a great way to tie together the decor of a room and add that personal touch. They’re also perfect for use in high traffic areas of the home, to protect flooring and make hallways comfortable to walk in. Precisely because they’re often placed in the heart of the home, rugs get well-used. And lots of traffic means the potential for lots of dirt. Dust and other airborne particles also find their way to a rug, leaving them dull and unattractive over time. Get in touch with Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service if you would like to talk about how we can restore your area rug to its vibrant colors and soft finish.

Rancho Carpet and Rug Cleaning
Rancho Wall Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tiles are a great product for so many areas in the home - and a common choice in many professional settings such as restaurants and clinics, too. They are hard wearing and look great - but they can be tricky to clean properly. This is particularly difficult if the materials are porous as they can soak up spillages and liquids, and become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. A good professional clean, using high grade equipment and products, is the best way to return your tiles and grout to their previous beauty, and make sure they’re clean and healthy too. Get in touch to learn more about the Tile & Grout Cleaning services available at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered items can be magnets for dust and pollen - which can also make them problematic if you have anyone in your home who has allergies. Sofas and upholstered chairs are also great places for crumbs and other fallen food items to lurk - which can make for a pretty unhygienic place to sit! Get your upholstered items cleaned today, to make them look great and be a safe and comfortable addition to your home once more. Need a sofa cleaner? Why wait? Call a member of our skilled team today to find out more.

Rancho Upholstery Cleaning for Sofas
Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage & Restoration

If you have suffered water damage, perhaps due to a flood, burst pipe or overflowing bathroom sink, we can help. In many cases, carpets, tiles and upholstery can be cleaned and returned to a good state, with no need to replace them. However, it’s crucial to get a professional in quickly to assess the damage and start the area drying - call us right away

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

If you have a pet, the chances are that you’ve experienced a time when he has had an accident indoors, or brought mud and dirt in after a walk. It’s well worth it for the joy of pet ownership - but there are times when your home will need a little extra cleaning to keep on top of the pet stains and odor. Our team here at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service can help, using only pet friendly products, we can target stains caused by urine, and deal with the smells and stains that occur with any type of pet. Call us today.

Pet Stain Odor and Removal


We at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaner, support our fellow cleaning business owners around the country. If you're looking for Professional Cleaning Service in Beaumont, TX check out our friends there! We also have a friend that provides janitorial services in Vacaville, CA. Check out our other partners:

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Our skilled team at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service is always happy to talk to new customers looking for carpet cleaning service services in Rancho Cordova, CA and beyond. We know there's a lot of carpet cleaners out there, but we take pride in our quality work. Check out our contact page for details of how to get in touch with the team electronically, or call us on the number available here on the website.

Dog Stain on Carpet

“Highly recommend Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service if you need carpet cleaning services! The team have been coming out to my store and office building for years, to clean the carpets and keep everything hygienic and clean for my customers and staff. They work out of hours so there’s no disruption to business - and all my team notice is that the carpets always look sharp and fresh!” GB, Rancho Cordova, CA

Rancho Excellent Carpet Cleaning

“When my kids begged for a puppy for Christmas I gave in - but I was quickly getting frustrated by the dog odors in the house - not to mention the inevitable accidents on my carpet. The puppy kept using the rug as a toilet, and I was losing hope. But the team at Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service came out to deal with the stains and the smell - and the transformation was amazing. The kids, the puppy - and I - were delighted!” BU, Rancho Cordova, CA

Rancho Damage Repair

“Rancho Cordova Carpet Cleaning Service was recommended to my by a neighbor when I mentioned I needed my sofa and upholstered chairs cleaning. They had got grubby over time, with little hands and dropped crumbs. The process to have everything cleaned was surprisingly simple, and the results were really good - no more mess and my house feels much fresher as a result.” DP, Rancho Cordova, CA